AGEseq - installation and set up of blat for mac

Download ‘blat’ executable file

FTP server:

blat for macOS:

Open with Terminal

get info -> open with, change to

Open Terminal at the directory

right click, open a

show Path Bar in Finder

Change access permission

  1. chmod 770 blat

In Unix and Unix-like operating systems, chmod is the command and system call which is used to change the access permissions of file system objects (files and directories)

  1. right click -> open

Add the blat file to $PATH variable

However operating system do not know where is the blat located, you have to add the PATH of blat to the PATH environmental variable

For most of the macOS system, using zsh is default, let’s type echo $0 to check

put your blat to Applications, and execute the following command

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications

Add the export cmd to .zshrc

The export cmd may not be remembered after you close the teminal session, so we are going to write it in the configuration file. If you are not familiar with vim, the second way is recommended:

  1. using vim to edit the ~/.zshrc

vim ~/.zshrc

press i to start insert mode, paste the export cmd

press esc to exit insert mode, shift + ZZ to save and exit


  1. echo “export PATH=$PATH:/Applications” » ~/.zshrc

The . zshrc file is a Z-shell resource. It’s a script that is run whenever you start zsh. If you have certain paths to set, or initializations you want performed at the start-up of the shell, they are put in ~/.zshrc

execute the following source command to activate the modified setting:

source ~/.zshrc

or close and reopen the terminal

See if AGEseq works now

These steps should be enough to let you run AGEseq on apple machines that is using intel CPU, we do not have access to the new products that use M1 chips, so we are not sure about what will happen on those machines. However we are planning to update the AGEseq, making it more powerful and user-friendly. So stay tuned! Please consider subscribe and feel free to connect with me on social media, you can get the links in the description below.

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