Nucleotide Sequence Visualization

👁️ Python library to plot DNA sequence features (e.g. from Genbank files)

Nucleotide Sequence Optimization

NUPACK - analysis and design of nucleic acid structures, devices, and systems. DNA Chisel - a versatile sequence optimizer paper on …


installation dependency Required Tools Bowtie2 TopHat HISAT2 Samtools SRAtools HTSeq + all dependencies (including PySam) Python 3.5 + SciPy + Numpy …


installation pip install bio_embeddings[all] usage bio_embeddings /scratch/ch29576/common-scripts/bio_embedding/parameters_blueprint.yml worth mention …


download ftp: althought the archive marked as version three, the folder name in inside is still 2? …

Broccoli - infer with high precision orthologous groups and pairs of proteins using a mixed phylogeny-network approach dependency DIAMOND Fasttree manual …

NLR-annotator Requirements MEME suite and JRE are already on GACRC sapelo2, just module load them. Usage and scripts …

phylogenetic analysis

phylogenetic network ​ implicit vs. explicit genes trees do not match ​ estimation error ​ incomplete lineage sorting ​ gene flow


comparative genomics

jupyter lab

things I wish that I know when I started to use jupyter lab

jetson nano 2Gb

AIOT toy


using HMMER with Pfam


how the internet works#bioinformatics #meme #fun #geek #coding #datascience #IT #software #engineering #fyp #synthwave #biopython #python #biology …

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